A win at Ameron Pole!

After the CAT team training last October in Oxnard, the Ameron Pole Committee decided to put their training in practice and began mobilizing towards a much needed remodeled lunch room. The Company had a neglected lunch room for a long time. It stood without a/c or fans, walls and ceilings were dilapidated, and in frequent occasions rodents could be seen running around the lunch room.

Some of the collective actions taken by the members to accomplish their goal where:

-The unit began by taking pictures of the dirty water filters and walls to show management at their safety meetings. 

-The unit scheduled various labor/management meetings to demand update on lunch room remodeling.

- during weekly safety meetings the unit demanded update on progress of lunch room remodeling.

- the unit had USW T-shirt action day to show company union solidarity and the need of a decent lunch room

- the unit demanded the Company to inspect Building for asbestos

- the unit was planning to collectively sign a petition letter demanding the remodeling of the lunch room and to sent it up the corporate chain along with some of the pictures showing bad conditions of room. Management started remodeling before the letter was drafted.

The Lunch room remodeling is complete with new microwaves, new refrigerator, heating and air, ice machine, new double doors, energy efficient windows and they are waiting for new tables to be installed.

Moises Hernandez